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    Welcome to cheats-n-codes.com. Below you will find cheats for playstation, gameboy, xbox, gamecube, dreamcast, pc and n64. We're always adding new cheats so come back and visit us soon. If you would like to submit a cheat, please send it via the contact form.

    XBOX Cheats

    4X4 Evolution 2, Airforce Delta Storm, All Star Baseball 2003, Amped Freestyle Snowboarding, Arctic Thunder, [more...]
    Gamecube Cheats

    Agressive Inline, All Star Baseball 2003, Animal Crossing, Backyard Football, Baldur's Gate Il Dark Alliance, [more...]
    Gameboy Color Cheats

    Action Man, Advance Wars, Airforce Delta, All Star Baseball 2000, All Star Baseball 2001, [more...]
    Gameboy Advance Cheats

    Action Man, Advance Gta, Advance Rally, Advance Wars, Alienators Evolution Continues, [more...]
    PC Cheats

    101St Airborne Invasion In Normandy, 11Th Hour, 1503 A D The New World, 1602 A D , 1830 Railroads And Robber Barons, [more...]
    Playstation Cheats

    Ace Combat, Ace Combat 3, Actua Golf 2, Actua Ice Hockey, Actua Soccer, [more...]
    Playstation 2 Cheats

    Ace Combat 4, Ace Combat Distant Thunder, Activision Anthology, Age Of Empires Ii, Agressive Inline, [more...]
    Dreamcast Cheats

    Air Force Delta, Blue Stinger, Buggy Heat, Centipede, Daytona Usa 2 [more...]
    Nintendo N64 Cheats

    A Bugs Life, Aerofighters Assault, Aero Gauge, Air Boarder, All Star Baseball 2000, [more...]
    Send Your Cheats

    If you want to submit cheats to our site, please use the contact form.

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    We hope you liked cheats-n-codes.com. Before you go why not check out some of our Dreamcast cheats such as Air Force Delta, Blue Stinger, Buggy Heat, Centipede or Daytona Usa 2.

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